Study: Do You Have What It Takes Debunk Myths And Misunderstandings About Exercise Like A True Expert?

Debunk Myths And Misunderstandings About Exercise
The idea that physical exertion is harmful may be traced back (at least) to the ancient Greek legend of Pheidippides, whose long-distance run in 490 BCE inspired the fashionable marathon.
Yes, a sudden increase in vigorous exercise results in a little and transient increase in cardiovascular risk, the doctors acknowledge. However, most people need to worry about exercising too little instead of too much.
President Trump reportedly believes in the Victorian-era myth that engaging in exercise is unwise and may lead to early death as a result of the human body is like a battery, with a finite amount of energy.

The opposite, of course, is true. Being consistently physically active is probably the absolute best thing we can do to create a sure long and healthy life. and far from draining us of energy, regular exercise gives us more of it.

It’s unclear where Trump picked up that specific mistaken belief. However as Minnesota cardiologists Dr. Steven Bradley and Dr. Michael Miedema point out in a recent editorial in JAMA Network Open, the idea that exercise is harmful can be traced back (at least) to the ancient Greek legend of Pheidippides, whose long-distance run in 490 BCE inspired the modern marathon.

“Some would believe the story of poor Pheidippides is a cautionary tale about the hazards of exercise,” they write, along with their co-author Dr. Erin Michos of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. “His battery was drained after running 25 miles to convey the end result of the Battle of Marathon — his finite supply of energy was used up, and he died as a result.”

“What’s forgotten,” they add, “is that Pheidippides ran 300 miles in the days preceding his final marathon dash.”

“Yes, a sudden increase in vigorous exercise results in a little and transient increase in cardiovascular risk,” the doctors acknowledge. “However, most people need to worry about exercising too little instead of too much.”

The editorial goes on to discuss 6 studies published in JAMA Network Open within the past twelve months that “have advanced our understanding and offer new insights” into the importance of physical fitness and the styles of physical activity that are presumably to promote a healthy heart.

Here are quick summaries of some the studies delineate in the editorial and also the outdated ideas about exercise that they have helped to dispel:

As important as not smoking

Not smoking is frequently cited as the key thing people can do to avoid bad health outcomes. no doubt regarding it: Smoking is a major health hazard. But, as Bradley, Miedema, and Michos point out, “increasingly, it's recognized that the association of aerobic fitness with health outcomes is simply as strong, and probably stronger” than not smoking.

The evidence: in an exceedingly large study published in JAMA Open Network late last year, people who were the least aerobically fit were 5 times more possible to die within a period of about eight years than people who were the most aerobically fit. as compared, the risk of early death during those eight years for smokers was 41 percent higher than for non-smokers.

No need to fear ‘elite’ levels of fitness

There’s been some concern that the extreme exertion engaged in by elite athletes (such as those who participate in ironman triathlons) might put the heart in danger for an unforeseen catastrophic event (the “Pheidippides syndrome”). New research indicates, however, that such worries are unfounded.

The evidence: an equivalent study that found the advantages of exercise to be potentially greater than not smoking also found no association between high levels of aerobic fitness and early death — a finding that suggests “no ceiling or untoward effects are related to elite fitness,” write Bradley, Miedema, and Michos.

The low-intensity activity offers advantages, too

You do not have to be an elite athlete to get benefit from exercise. Even light-intensity physical activity — like taking a leisurely walk or doing household chores — can improve health outcomes.

The evidence: Researchers reported in a March JAMA Network Open study that doing light physical activity was related to a lower risk of heart attack or stroke in older women. every further hour spent daily in such activity lowered the risk by 10 %.

It’s never too late to get active

It’s always best to exercise regularly throughout your life. however the idea that the negative health effects of a lifetime of sedentary behavior can’t be overcome by taking up exercise late in life has been upended by recent analysis.

The evidence: a large U.S. study, published in JAMA Network Open in March, found that people who were sedentary throughout early adulthood but who then took up regular physical activity later in adulthood (between the ages of 40 and 66) were a 3rd less likely to die prematurely than their peers who stayed inactive.

“That finding is “a smart reminder of the simple assessments that can lead to a much better understanding of exercise tolerance and associated health outcomes,” write Bradley, Miedema and Michos.

You can read the editorial in full on the JAMA Network Open website.
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