Google Adsense ads Not Showing On My Blog | Why are my ads not showing?

adsense ads not showing

Why Google Adsense Ads Not Showing On My Blogger or Wordpress Website?
Sometimes when we are setup all the things properly but something went wrong in that. I faced this issue before couple of months ago when Google AdSense Ads not showing on some pages, on some posts and blank ads on old posts. 
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In this article we will discuss the all of the above problems and its solutions. Why Adsense ads showing blank and Why Adsense ads stopped showing?
In this most of the time, instead of Adsense Ads there was a "yellow-colored blank box" or just "blank ads space".
Here, I have observed when Google Ads are not displayed the Ads background area shows a yellow colored box which is not have any ads content and totally blank. 

Nowadays google has changed their policy so, there is more possibilities that you are facing this issue and that,s why you are here and you are on the right place to solve this problem. I have a detailed post on how to remove the yellow color background from Google AdSense. 

Assuming that your blog or website any other WordPress website has been approved to display AdSense Ads, and you have placed the AdSense Ad code correctly, but Google AdSense still not showing. 

Now it's time to start troubleshooting, below is a list of checklist that you should carry out and verify it.

Checklist to Fix Google Adsense Blank Ads Issue

  1. Please go through the Google AdSense program policy. Make sure you are not violating any of the Google AdSense program policies.
  2. Check that or make sure that you do not have any Adblock installed on your browser. Also, make sure that there is no block for AdSense in the server firewall or WordPress security suit.
  3. Test your Blog or website in a different browser like in Chrome, Firefox, Opera and see whether it’s working. Better still if you test on another PC. If it works, delete the browser cache on your PC. If you are using any WordPress cache plugin, delete the cache.
  4. Have you verified your PIN number?. Google sends PIN number for address verification which you submitted while applying for AdSense..
  5. Make sure, you have verified PIN number. If you have not received your PIN number, wait for PIN or request it again from your AdSense account. Do you have a Privacy policy in place?. Your privacy policy must be AdSense compliant.
  6. You think everything is in order and yet Google AdSense not showing? Use Adsense Troubleshooter to troubleshoot and get the best possible answer.

Google Adsense Ads not showing on some specific pagesIf you have noticed that Google Ads are not showing on some specific pages or some specific post, there is some problem with that individual page. There could be several reasons for Google Ads not showing on some specific pages on your website.

Reasons For Google AdSense Ads not showing on some pages

  • Lack Of Text
  • Content-Length
  • Use Of Too Many Stop Words
  • There No Advertisers For Your Keywords
  • Grammatical error

Lack Of Text

The most common reasons for Adsense ads not showing are a lack of text in your content. Google loves long, authoritative posts, don't count images and videos in your post.


You may ask what is the perfect length for the best blog post? How long should my blog posts be?” This is a debatable topic at present. The standard or professional blogging length is usually 300 to 600 words.
Longer blog topics could be anywhere between 1500 words to 2500+.

Use Of Too Many Stop Words

Use of too many stop words. Stop words that are some list of words, which are partially or completely ignored by search engines. There are some words like the, an, a, of, or, many, etc. They have totally nothing to do with the content. Search engines, in both cases like search queries and in results, often ignore them.

You can see a complete list of Google Stop Words here.

There No Advertisers For Your Keywords

No advertisers for your Keywords: As there are many possibilities like It’s also possible that there are no advertisers for the keywords in your page’s content. Either you get them PSAs (Public Service Ads) or a blank ad-block. The option is to re-write these posts with new keywords.

Grammatical error

Grammatical error: If you are not good in English or any other languages that you are writing in that then there will be a problem. I have seen this happen with a few of my older blog posts. Revisit those pages or those old pages where Google AdSense Ads not showing and check for any grammatical error. You can install Grammarly on your browser or Windows for instant grammar check.

🠶 How to Remove Yellow Background From Google AdSense Ads?