How to Remove Yellow Background From Google AdSense Ads?

Google Adsense Ads not showing
To remove the yellow background when just before it loads from Google AdSense. If you are displaying Google AdSense Ads on your blog or any website, hope you have observed the light yellow color background that shows up just before AdSense Ads loads.
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If we talk about Google Adsense Code asynchronous, Since Google AdSense codes are asynchronous, it does not load when your page content is loading. In this way, this is good, because it does not slow down your page loading. But there is one disadvantage in that is, AdSense shows a light yellow colored background box(Ads), just before the AdSense ads loads. Here is an example. This is an image from my blog. You can see the light yellow background.
You know what, I don’t like that type of blank advertisement. Google AdSense Ads is displayed, but there is still the yellow color as a thin line. I really didn’t like that.
So, the actual question is, what could be the problem with that? and how could we solve that? Bloggers always write the blogs with the aim of earning some extra bucks from Google AdSense Ads. Readers are getting more and more smarter, they seem to know what are ads and what are actual links or real content.
How to Remove The Yellow Background From Google AdSense
So, let’s get a little bit smarter, and remove the yellow background from Google AdSense.
In most of WordPress themes, there is the option to change the background color of your website and pages. But somehow it does not seem to apply to AdSense Ads background.
We don’t want to mess around with the style.css file. So the easy and safest way to Remove the yellow background(blank box with yellow color) from Google AdSense is to use custom CSS. 
Every WordPress theme has the option for custom or additional CSS for the customization of that theme. Then you have to just copy and paste the following code in your themes custom CSS field, and save the settings. You are done, no more yellow background.
background: transparent;
text-decoration: none;
If the given Above code (Custom CSS) does not work on your theme then You can also use this code.
background: transparent !important;
NOTE: You will not see the changes immediately or at present. If you are using a caching plugin like WP super cache, delete the cache. Delete your browser cache also by that plugin. If you are using a CDN service like Cloudflare, you may also need to purge the cache. This is needed if you want to see the changes immediately.