What is Trypophobia Skin Disease? Causes, Cure and Facts

Trypophobia skin disease causes: If the sight of small holes makes you panic and disturb, you might suffer from the most common phobia, you have never heard before of -Trypophobia. You can say fear of holes, phobia of holes, cluster phobia and lotus seed pod skin infection.

In this article we are going to know about trypophobia skin disease causes. Means what is trypophobia? causes, how to cure trypophobia, real images, how skin get small holes and real facts about trypophobia. Here we go...

Holes in Skin

Trypophobia skin disease
Trypophobia skin disease images

A growing number of people are actually reporting a fear of holes. There are several reactions that even seeing photos of holes can set off a panic attack on our mind. So, let’s get start on trypophobia skin disease and causes with cure or treatment.

What is Trypophobia Skin Disease?

Trypophobia is an aversion of clusters of small holes, bumps, or patterns in skin. You can say trypophobia is a fear of clusters of small holes and so on.

So, trypophobia is a one kind of skin disease.

When people see this type of cluster on their skin or on other parts of our body, they experience symptoms of disgust or fear.

What Causes Small Holes in Skin?

What causes trypophobia skin disease? Some trypophobes react to visuals of small holes and bumps with panic attacks, sweating, palpitations, and feelings of nausea or itchiness.

While some people might feel disgusted by that clustered holes themselves. Others have felt concerned by an organism (or several) that may be living in those small holes, which causes them disgust.

There is some debate among genius researchers as to whether trypophobia is a genuine condition.

If we talk about early reports of trypophobia then that report was first described in an online forum in 2005. But it has not been perfectly recognized as a distinct diagnosis in the fifth edition.

So, not recognized in the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders of the American Psychiatric Association.

How Common is Trypophobia Skin Disease?

Some times may call trypophobia is very common. Trypophobia is quite common when prevalence is perfectly unknown. So, some top research indicates, trypophobia may be quite common.
One study published in 2013 of trypophobia. According to this study trypophobia in the journal Psychological Science found 16% of participants experienced feelings.

Lotus Pods On Skin

Some participants exactly experienced feelings of disgust or discomfort when looking at an image of a lotus seed pod. Because there are many small holes in the lotus seed pod which look like trypophobia.

Trypophobia Skin Disease Causes

What causes trypophobia skin disease: Study of this fear, such as fear of small holes by University Of Essex. Researcher Jeff Cole and Arnold Wilkins gave special and perfect attention to the reasons for this reaction.

What Causes Trypophobia skin disease?

Some of us believe the fear is innate, while others claim that the condition only surfaces as a result of nurture.

Nowadays, while research on the condition is still in its infancy.
Some experts perfectly believe that it is human DNA to feel repelled by the repeated patterns of holes. Wilkins and Cole properly set out their theory a study from 2013.

Actually, they argued that it’s instinctual to associate the shapes with danger, as our brain naturally perfectly associates them with disease or wounds.

According to another theory, people are afraid of the hole’s images. They are afraid because of priming and conditioning.

Can Trypophobia Be Cured? How Trypophobia Cure?

Trypophobia Best Cure: Most people with a mild aversion or fear manage to control their fear. They carry out daily activities without incident.

Actually. that activities without harmful incident by simply avoiding triggers and by enlisting perfectly understanding friends and family members to alert them perfectly.

Wo, understanding friends to alert them perfectly to potential ones. If your aversion or fear is on the level of phobia, avoidance can make your situation worse.

Treatment of Trypophobia Skin Diseases

There are many and different ways a phobia can be treated perfectly. The most effective and exact form of treatment for trypophobia skin disease causes is exposure therapy.

Exposure therapy is one type of psychotherapy that perfectly focuses on changing your response to the object or situation causing your fear.

Another most common and basic treatment for a phobia is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).
One of the therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy(CBT) combines exposure therapy with other techniques to perfectly help you manage your anxiety and keep your thoughts from becoming overwhelming.

Trypophobia Exposure Therapy

Trypophobia skin disease Exposure therapy is one of the best therapy. Exposure therapy treatment involves perfect and best progressively exposing a person to their fear object.

The main thing about trypophobia exposure therapy is hope. Hope is that over time, this exposure will perfect cause fear symptoms or sign to lessen. This process is usually done very slowly or gradually.

Is trypophobia real?

Actually, a person may start by imagining what they really fear and what makes him or her mentally disturb perfectly.

Then looking at pictures perfectly of the fear object, and then finally being very near or even touching the source of their anxiety.

trypophobia skin disease images

    Facts About Trypophobia

  1. A recent study has revealed an amazing facts about trypophobia skin disease causes.
  2. Fact is that people who feel immense anxiety about seeing bubbles on their tasty coffee are suffering from a peculiar phobia known as Trypophobia.
  3. It has a very strong existence in people around the world and they are rea;;y scared of round, blister-like things.
  4. This (scared) happens because most of the infectious diseases are known to be caused by a round bacterium or virus.
  5. Symptoms of these diseases like chickenpox, measles, ringworm are in the form of round blisters on the skin.
  6. This makes the round shape and blistery things look creepy to humans by default.
  7. There is very limited current research on the condition(trypophobia), yet some theories do exist.
  8. Some of the top researchers question the validity of trypophobia as a condition or phobia, as suggested by a recent study.
  9. Since some potentially very dangerous animals have similar ‘holey’ patterns like trypophobia on their bodies and deep skin.
  10. People may make an unconscious association between these(trypophobia) patterns and the animals.
  11. Today’s let’s raise the curtain from some amazing and wonderful facts about Typophobia.

Fast Facts on Trypophobia

  • According to the some research and exact definition, Trypophobia is really one kind of imagination fear of holes or to say precisely.
  • It is the fear or an aversion of a cluster of small holes at the same place on skin.
  • If the above strange actually picture sends a chill down your spine, then you might be a secret sufferer of this amazing phobia.
  • Some physicians or doctors and specialists still believe that there is no such fear of holes.
  • Although, many people all around the world have surely claimed to have this phobia.
  • People or persons who really suffer from this phobia(trypophobia) tend to get nauseous at the sight of clustered holes on the skin or blisters.
  • Many people who have diagnosed perfectly by their responsibility themselves with this phobia(trypophobia) made separate pages and groups to discuss the symptoms with like people. 
  • Patients of typophobia infected can lead a normal life just like anybody.
  • However, they can’t come in contact with anything that has a lot of holes or many holes in it.
  • Even seeing such a picture or trypophobia can throw a trypophobic into a panic attack.
  • Whether a small hole is in non-living or living objects, a trypophobic will react.

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